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The pheasant tail nymph has that natural brown buggy color that a lot of nymphs harness. Unfortunately the original pheasant tail is not very durable. After a couple fish your nymph no longer has a tail and the thorax has been shredded. I solved that problem for myself years ago by adding hen back for a tail and a dubbed thorax. This pattern that you see here is what I like to use when stealth is a factor. My love for fly fishing lies deeply in a dry dropper setup. If I know I may possibly spook a fish with a flashy pattern in crystal clear water, I start with this fly. Most of the time it ends with a win. Its very inconspicuous especially with the tungsten mottled bead. Drop it off of your favorite bouyant dry when stealth is a factor for you. These flies are tied to order. 

Mottled Tungsten Bead head Pheasant Tail

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